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HK-01 - BCRAIL, CN & DW&P Bulkhead Flat Car Kit


HK-01 - BCRAIL, CN & DW&P Bulkhead Flat Car Kit


BCRAIL, CN & DW&P Bulkhead Flat Car Kit

This is a resin kit (trucks, couplers, decals and weights not included). It is based on a Marine Industries Ltd car (although similar cars were also built by Railwest Manufacturing at Squamish). These cars were operated by the British Columbia Railway, CN, DW&P, and one or two private lumber companies. Parts include the underframe, deck, bulkheads and small details.

Introduced in the early 70s, bulkhead flat cars like this one quickly became favorites of the lumber industry. The cars were large for the era, offering a loading area of 52'8" between the bulkheads. Distinctive, chunky end bulkheads on the cars helped keep lumber bundles from sliding off the ends of the car - a common problem with non-bulkhead cars. When constructed, the cars were used to haul finished lumber from Canadian sawmills, but today are used in all kinds of service including steel, wallboard and logs, in addition to lumber.

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