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HL-01 - CN/BCRAIL/QN&L Dash 8-40CM Shell


HL-01 - CN/BCRAIL/QN&L Dash 8-40CM Shell


CN/BCRAIL/QN&L GE Dash 8-40CM Shell

Mechanically identical to the Dash 8-40CW, the Dash 8-40CM was constructed only for Canadian railways, with a production total of 84 units. It is distinguished from the Dash 8-40CW by the addition of a full-width cowl body and the use of a Canada-specific nose and windshield configuration. The trucks also differ, all units built ride on Dofasco trucks identical to locomotives built by Montreal Locomotive Works, Bombardier, and Morris-Knudsen.

BCRAIL 26 Units Purchased 1990 Road Numbers:  4601-4626
CNR: 55 Units Purchased 1990 Road Numbers: 2400-245
QNS&L: 3 Units Purchased 1990 Road Numbers: 401-403

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