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HL-22 - Paducah Shops GP-8 Locomotive Shell Kit


HL-22 - Paducah Shops GP-8 Locomotive Shell Kit


Paducah Shops GP-8 Locomotive Shell Kit

The Paducah GP8 locomotive produced by the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad (ICG) at their Paducah, Kentucky, shop facility between 1974 and 1983. The GP8 is an upgraded version of the earlier GP7 model, featuring a 16-cylinder EMD 567 series diesel engine and solid-state electrical controls.

One of the key features of the Paducah GP8 is its versatility, as the locomotive was often used for both freight and passenger operations. The locomotive's reliable performance and ease of maintenance also made it a popular choice for many railroads in North America.

Like the Paducah GP10, the GP8 also features a customized appearance. The ICG applied a unique paint scheme to the locomotives, featuring a bright orange and white color scheme with "IC" logos on the sides. The locomotives also had custom-made cab roofs and sandboxes.

Today, many Paducah GP8 locomotives have been retired or sold to other railroads, but some remain in service on short line railroads and in industrial operations. Despite its relatively short production run, the Paducah GP8 left a lasting legacy in the history of North American railroading.

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