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HL-24 CPR GP9u (1600-1697, 8200-8275)


HL-24 CPR GP9u (1600-1697, 8200-8275)


The Kaslo GP9u is extremely accurate and well detailed and will allow you to model the Canadian Pacific GP9u (DS-17) Switcher Locomotive with either dynamic or non-dynamic brake options. The following number series can be modeled:


This kit consists of a one piece 3D printed resin shell with resin and etched metal detail parts.

The kit comes undecorated and requires a powered HO Scale Proto 2000 GP7 or GP9 chassis. This is considered a craftsman kit and does require some assembly.

Includes full text and graphical instructions and pre-bent grab irons (not shown)

The GP9u locomotive is a diesel-electric locomotive that was originally produced by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division (EMD) in the United States. The "u" in its name stands for "upgraded," as the locomotive is a modified version of the earlier GP9 model. The GP9u was produced between 1974 and 1983.

One of the key features of the GP9u is its reliable 16-cylinder EMD 567 series diesel engine, which provides a maximum horsepower of 1,750. The locomotive also has a solid-state electrical control system that provides precise throttle and dynamic braking control. Additionally, the locomotive has a hood design that provides easy access to the engine and other components for maintenance and repair.

The GP9u was a popular locomotive for many North American railroads, as its reliable performance and ease of maintenance made it a cost-effective option for freight operations. Many GP9u locomotives have since been retired or sold to other countries, but some remain in service today on short line railroads and in industrial operations.

Overall, the GP9u is a reliable and versatile locomotive that played an important role in the history of North American railroading.


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