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HL-33 CPR MLW RS-23 Body Shell (8013–8046) DRS-10c


HL-33 CPR MLW RS-23 Body Shell (8013–8046) DRS-10c


The MLW RS-23 was a 1,000 hp (746 kW) diesel-electric locomotive built by Montreal Locomotive Works between August 1959 and September 1960. Production totaled 40 locomotives.

The largest fleet of these locomotives was operated by Canadian Pacific Railway, which classed them DRS-10c.

Kit requires a Lifelike SW1200 or Bachmann S3 or S4 with Blomberg Athearn B Trucks from a 'Blue Box' series kit.

 Number Series (8013–8046)

MLW built these locomotives starting in 1959. Canadian Pacific rostered 47 RS-23 units.  The RS-23 was mainly owned by CP, however there were shortline industrial owners as well. The RS-23 units were unique in that as built, they were equipped with two different versions of the MLW lightweight road truck. They were frequently interchanged with the regular AAR type B truck in their service careers, and units could frequently be found with one of each.

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