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HL-39 CNR S-13u Locomotive Shell (8700-8711) MS-410a


HL-39 CNR S-13u Locomotive Shell (8700-8711) MS-410a


Requires LifeLike SW1200  or Bachmann S3 Chassis

MLW built these locomotives starting in 1959. The S-13 units were state of the art switching technology for MLW. Canadian National rostered 49 S-13 units. They were rebuilt in the late 1980s for use a hump units, and were on the roster into the late 1990s. Pacific Great Eastern (Later British Columbia Railway and BC Rail) rostered 3 S-13 units, that were originally built as RS-23s (likely as a cancelled order, for CP) and modified for use for that customer, with AAR type A trucks.  Later rebuilt CN units had the arrangement of the windows on the cab rear modified.

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