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HL-39 CNR S-13u Locomotive Shell (8700-8711) MS-410a


HL-39 CNR S-13u Locomotive Shell (8700-8711) MS-410a


Requires LifeLike SW1200  or Bachmann S3 or S4 Chassis

MLW built these locomotives starting in 1959. The S-13 units were state of the art switching technology for MLW. Canadian National rostered 49 S-13 units. They were rebuilt in the late 1980s for use as hump units, and were on the roster into the late 1990s. Pacific Great Eastern (Later British Columbia Railway and BC Rail) rostered 3 S-13 units, that were originally built as RS-23s (likely as a cancelled order, for CP) and modified for use for that customer, with AAR type A trucks.  Later rebuilt CN units had the arrangement of the windows on the cab rear modified.

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