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HK-33 TWI 5277 Cu Ft Boxcar


HK-33 - BCRAIL Trenton Works 5277 cu ft 50'6" Combination Door Boxcar


In 1992, BCRAIL purchased 50 combination door box cars and were assigned numbers in the BCOL 100300 to 100349 series. The cars measured 50'6" in length over sills, with a capacity of 5277 cu ft. They were equipped with a 6ft. plug door and an 8ft sliding door providing a total opening width of 14ft.

These cars were primarily acquired for pulp service although they would likely have seen lumber service as well. These cars are still in service today under CN Management.



One Piece Body
Underbody and Details
2 Door Types
Etched Details

Decals: https://www.kasloshops.com/products/hdl-9-bcol-506-trenton-works-5277-cu-ft-double-door-boxcar-decals-100300-100349

Kaslo Shops Distributing kits come undecorated and require the modeler to supply trucks, couplers, paint and decals.

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