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NK-13 Complete Kit


NK-13 - CPR 34’10” Wood Side Caboose (437035-437264) High Cupola – Tongue and Groove Siding Kit


N Scale

CPR 34’10” Wood Side Caboose (437035-437264) High Cupola – Tongue and Groove Siding Kit

CPR’s classic wood caboose design goes back to about 1905. Many series were built until 1945 with the same basic dimensions. Construction techniques changed over the years and many were modernized in the 1960’s and 70’s with plywood sides. Beginning in 1912 steel center sills were used. The sides had three windows and the cupola had eight windows. In the mid 1920’s the end beams were beefed up and one side window in the cupola was sheeted over.

During the depression (1930’s) no new cabooses were built, however existing cars were rebuilt. The third side window was removed and the center window in the cupola end was sheeted over. Most received storm doors to keep out the draft and to keep the inside warmer in the wintertime. The roof was now painted black and the side numbers reduced in size. For safety reasons the steps were changed for longer ones and the end railings heightened.

Due to increased traffic during WWII, the CP was faced with a shortage of cabooses (no new cabooses had been built since 1929). Beginning in 1941 new cars were built to the old design, but they had welded double beam center sills and steel end beams. After 1943 the truck centers were increased by one foot. Hand rails and grabs were painted yellow during WWII. All CP wooden cabooses were built with tongue and grove siding.

Starting in the 1960’s, CP rebuilt many of their cabooses with plywood sides. On some, the plywood was nailed over the tongue and grove siding. On others, the T&G siding was removed before the plywood was nailed on. Some had their wooden end beams replaced with steel beams. From 1959 on, the script logo was used. after 1968 the CP Rail logo was put on. In the early 1970’s they were painted yellow and the roof walks and ladders were removed. All wooden cabooses were removed from service in the early 1980’s.

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